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Welcome to my website, where you will be able to sign up for my exclusive newsletter and exclusive content. Zombiearth is my first series, with book one out now. 2ombiearth: Decimation will be out late 2020. If you like zombies or a great read about survival, Zombiearth is the book for you. With relatable characters, who are everyday people attempting to achieve extraordinary achievements.
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My dream was never to be an author, in fact becoming an author chose me. I originally started writing lyrics as a constructive outlet to deal with my "inner demons," in hopes to one day become a rockstar and touch those who felt the same way as me and help them get through the struggles we don't like to talk about.
Once the rockstar dream seemed impossible, I put it on the back burner. I continued to write, taking notes on various story ideas I had. The first set of notes turning into the birth of Zombiearth, my take on how a zombie apocalypse could be real. With the ultimate goal of telling a gripping story with characters who had no plot armor, explaining zombies on a scientific level, and explaining how governments and the world as we knew it would quickly fade out of existence.

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Writing wasn't always my passion. In high school I actually was discouraged and stopped putting any effort into assignments after a failing grade on what I thought was a creative essay. I turned to writing lyrics after a close friend of mine lost his life in a tragic car accident. Once the dream of being a rockstar wasn't panning out, I started taking notes on story ideas, which the first set of notes I dedicated most of my time an energy turned out to become Zombiearth.

It took nearly four years from starting my first notes to releasing Zombiearth, with the notes spanning possibly six titles in the main storyline. It wasn't until I was at Galaxycon Louisville, where I realized this was my dream. One of my lyrics I came up with is "We are dreams, we do not exist, we create our existence," which has several different meanings at different times in life. But it mainly means this, we all have dreams we want to make real. 
The only way we can ever make them real is to just do it. Much like God had a dream of creating the universe, which no matter your beliefs, I believe we were once a dream of powers we do not understand and we were created into existence.

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Join Stan Riley and his group of survivors as they overcome the dangers of an apocalyptic world overran by the undead. The story starts off as Earth dies and evolves into Zombiearth. With living and undead threats around every corner, will Stan, his family, and friends be able to survive and one day help rebuild society?

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